History of the Academy

The Academy of Kung Fu & Tai Chi was opened on June 3rd, 1995. The original goal was to teach seven students. Without any advertisement, the school started to grow through word of mouth and, after 3 years, had to expand due to an increase in students. The goal of the school is to teach quality Kung Fu and Tai Chi and enrich the lives of others, while still keeping it affordable for all.

Kung Fu / Kuoshu / Wushu

Kuoshu, known as Kung Fu in the West, is the trademark of Chinese Wushu (Martial Arts). As a student of the Academy of Kung Fu & Tai Chi, you join a proud heritage of one of the best Martial Arts systems in the world, attested to by the winners of international championship titles in both full contact fighting and forms. The Academy of Kung Fu & Tai Chi carries on the tradition of excellence by stressing the development of discipline and character. Studying the traditional art of Chinese Kuoshu will also help you develop confidence, mental focus, physical fitness, self-defense skills and a positive attitude.

External Studies

Tien Shan Pai is a northern style of Kung Fu, well known for producing excellent fighters, while also containing flowing, artistic forms. The self-defense aspects of Tien Shan Pai concentrate on attacking from the side and use of multiple blocks to insure that if one block fails, the second will not. Footwork is essential and focuses on low, steady steps to the side with swift and tricky "hidden" or "lost steps”.  Also included in the external studies is the art of Chi Na, an entire system of joint locks and other seizing and grappling techniques as well as the escapes from such techniques.

Internal Studies

Tai Chi Chuan is the most well known of the internal styles of Chinese Kung Fu. The slow, rhythmic motions stretch the muscles and joints, stimulate mental focus, and promote overall health and well-being. Although Tai Chi Chuan in America is mainly studied for the health benefits, at advanced levels it is an effective form of self-defense focusing on neutralizing the force of an opponent.

For more information on Tien Shan Pai, please visit: http://www.uskuoshuacademy.com