Lei Tai - Full Contact Fighting


Lei Tai is an elevated fighting platform or ring, without railings where martial artists spar full contact, free-form.  It is through Lei Tai that many martial artists are able to bring together the full teachings and experience of their art.  You must be at least 13 years of age to begin training in full contact fighting.   For those aged 13 -18, you will need to have written permission from a parent or guardian.  Classes are open to men, women and teens.

The Academy primarily trains its full contact fighters in Kuoshu - Lei Tai full contact fighting. However, fighters may also test their skills in San Shou, Sanda, Bando, Kickboxing, American and International arenas.

Please see the full class schedule for days and times.

CLICK HERE for videos of our Lei Tai (Full Contact) fighting team at area competitions….