Kung Fu

The primary style of Kung Fu we teach is Tien Shan Pai, a northern style which originated in the Tien Shan Mountains of northwestern China.  While this style contains both graceful empty-hand and weapons forms, Tien Shan Pai is known for its effective fighting style and self-defense applications.  Our Kung Fu program also features forms from the Nanjing Central Kuoshu Academy, a martial arts university which was founded in China during the 1930s.  Kung Fu styles that are also incorporated into our curriculum include Ground style and Sun Bin boxing, among others.

Our Kung Fu curriculum also trains students in Qin Na (joint locking and grappling), Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling/throwing), and San Da (fighting) techniques.  It is also possible for advanced students to train in Iron Palm, Grass Dragon Pole, and Martial Qi Gong.

Our high-energy children’s program focuses on discipline, self-control, respect, and concentration in a fun and safe environment.  We teach students that skills learned in class are only a last resort.  We emphasize avoiding physical altercations and advocate non-violent resolutions.  Students benefit from enhanced listening skills, body strengthening, coordination, and self-confidence as a result of our training program.  Kids are also required to show ShiYe their report cards each term and maintain passing grades.