At the suggestion of my father I decided to enroll my 4year old hyperactive son in Kung Fu. I thought that this would help him learn how to listen and follow directions, learn how to focus and achieve a task and to promote respect for his elders. In the beginning it seemed like nothing was going on but him moving quickly all around the room. However when it came down to him earning his first sash, on the way there while he was sitting in the back of the car we asked him what he was doing, he told us he was trying to focus, so he could do good an earn his first sash. From that point on he has grown and matured in all aspects of the martial Arts. The little boy who used to run and fly around the room and jump on mats is now competing nationally and internationally and earning all kinds of accolades. When he was younger he had difficulty building relationships with others. Now he has developed good relationships with a few people but he is able to interact comfortably with others, both children and adults. Now he has developed meaningful relationships with other students at the Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy. He has learned to respect his elders and is teaching other young people what he has learned. In school he has developed and matured in to a good student. As a gentleman shared with me recently, he told me he asked Brandon why wasn’t he out playing around with his girlfriend, Brandon replied that his GPA was his girlfriend. Through Kung Fu he has learned memorization strategies that he is also able to now apply to schoolwork. Along with engaging in Kung Fu 3 to 5 days a week he also holds down a part time job as a lifeguard. I can to attribute his ability to focus on the important job of life guarding to what he has learned through Kung Fu. The leadership skills he has learned from Shih Ye Martin Ware & Shih Fu April Nordman have made him aware of his ability to converse and get along with a variety of people. I could go on and on however I think it is most important that you understand that my son still has a lot of growing up to do however, I feel he and I have a great support system and a second family at the Academy of Kung Fu & Tai Chi with the Western Hills Kung Fu & Tai Chi Team and staff.

Brandee Fleming Brooks

As a mother of two very energetic young boys, living in New Jersey, I needed to find an activity that would teach them self control and discipline.  I decided to enroll them in martial arts and their first experience was in Tae Kwon do. My boys learned different forms including board breaking.  But when I moved to Indiana, my boys wanted to continue to do martial arts. I decided to look for a martial arts school that would challenge all the martial arts knowledge they had learned in Tae kwon Do. The Academy of Kung Fu & Tai-Chi in Western Hills/Price Hill area was the only school that truly committed itself to make sure my boys and all other students has quality training in forms, weapons and fighting skills. Unlike other martial arts schools where a belt schedule and fee’s is required to move up in rank,  the Academy of Kung Fu & Tai Chi will only graduate students to the next belt level only after having mastered their learned  skills, not on an automatically scheduled belt promotion with  and fee. Moreover, the Academy of Kung Fu & Tai- Chi's instructors are extremely dedicated and understanding to each student's needs. Shi Ye Martin Ware is not only tenacious to make great fighters, but he is also like a second father to all the students.  Good academic grades, respect, discipline and the willingness to strive higher are the qualities I did not find in other martial arts schools.  I decided to enroll and now I have never been in better shape and stronger after having two children. It is for these reasons that I do not mind traveling from Indiana to the Academy of Kung Fu & Tai-Chi in Western Hills/Price Hill area- now our second home. 

The Crump Family

I’ve studied martial arts off and on since my teenage years.  As a father and former law enforcement officer, I feel it is very important that my children know how to defend themselves and learn discipline.  I examined other schools in our area and finally landed with the Academy of Kung Fu & Tai Chi.  ShiYe Martin Ware and his instructors are great with the kids; they drive them to succeed, understand their personal challenges, and work within the kids’ own boundaries.  It is difficult to find such instructors and I credit their success to their master, ShiYe Ware.  

Unlike other schools, the Academy instructor team emphasize a consistent, steady progress in training.  It isn’t just about making it to the next belt and the focus is not on fees and sales but rather on the student.  Even the first belt is earned after several months of learning, not simply given, and students support each other as they work to gain the many skills a proper martial form offers.

I’ve known ShiYe for many years and he has my explicit trust with my children.  All three of my children have earned belts and continue to study Kung Fu as regular students of the Academy.  I’m very proud of their progress and satisfied that I found exactly the right place for them to excel.  

James Nerlinger

This is a shout out to the Academy of Kung Fu & Tai Chi LLC/Western Hills ShiYe Martin Ware, ShiFu April Nordman, and Black Belt “Brandon". We sincerely THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all the love, support, and time you give unselfishly. This center is not just a place to work out and practice, it's a thriving family unit that makes a difference in the lives of each person it touches.. We love you guys.  Grace and peace!

M Faye Jetters